14 Karat Gold Plated Tanzanite and Citrine Drop Earrings

Aren’t these tanzanite and citrine drop earrings simply adorable!? We love how these warm tones, combined with strands of 14 Karat gold-plated sterling silver bead chains, create a sophisticated yet flirty vibe. And because you never know when your BFF will invite you to a last-minute downtown dinner plans following a long day at the beach – these earrings are darling accessories to keep handy at all times. They are totally versatile and can easily take you from daytime to nighttime!


  • strands of 14 Karat gold-plated sterling silver tanzanite bead chains
  • strands of 14/20 gold-filled beads
  • 4 mm bi cone crystals and a 8 mm x 10 mm oval citrine
  • 14/20 gold-filled French wires
  • hang approximately 2.50 inches
  • .925 sterling silver

$ 78 $ 39

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