Extraordinary design around the things you don't find every day. By connecting directly with designers and manufacturers, we are able to bring you products that are timeless, truly unique, and at unbeatable members-only pricing. Each piece is hand-selected and is something we believe to be an example of great design worthy of your attention. Become a member and discover something new every day.

Bridging past and present.

We are about respecting the past, yielding to the present and looking forward to the future. We know the fashions of past decades will always find a way to eventually repeat. We look for the core element, the true essence of those times and with it we create something entirely new for today and tomorrow.

Today’s technology. Timeless craft.

We are neither designing for technology or taking a stand against technology. We believe the new tools at our disposal further empower us to create and communicate but are not an end unto themselves. From our home goods to our 3d-printed gold cast rings, every product and venture we undertake is a marriage of technology and hand craft.

There is no need for compromise.

Beauty, sustainability and ethical production are not at odds–they must all be considered to create something of true worth. Anything created at someone else’s expense is not beautiful and the manufacturing of disposable goods for short term benefit has robbed our natural resources for too long. We bear a responsibility to create timeless pieces that last. Buy for keeps or please do not buy at all.

We work with many skilled manufacturers and makers to realize our line of goods. This is our core team overseeing design and operations.

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