"Should I Go Vintage?"

Everyone wants to express their personalities as authentically as possible, especially when it comes to fashion! For the old-soul trendsetter, this often means looking to the past in order to create a modern take on vintage style. But how do you know if going vintage is right for you? And, how do you do so without looking costume-y or like a poser? Here are 5 ways to find out if you're really about that life: 

Visit Your Local Vintage Shop 

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Vintage shopping is about embracing feelings of nostalgia. So when you walk into a vintage shop, you should be feeling the vibe and excited to start making your way through the beautiful (often) clutter of one-of-a-kind pieces! But if you're grossed out at the thought of wearing second-hand fashion, I'd say that, eh, you don't have a true love for vintage fashion. Sure, you can find vintage-inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories nearly anywhere. But there's nothing like a vintage shop that is home to coats from the 1950s, boots you wished you could have rocked in the '80s, and fringed handbags that were clearly must-haves in the '60s. You can also dig up great finds at general thrift stores or specialty second-hand boutiques! Note: One-of-a-kind pieces are just that -- there's no guarantee that the item will still be there if you walk away to "think about it." In order to enhance your wardrobe to gain more of a vintage feel, it's important to know when not to walk away from a treasure -- be it an A-line skirt or a beautiful pair of pearl earrings

Dig In Your Mama's Closet 

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Finding amazing vintage pieces may be closer to home than you think! If you mama is like mine, and has held on to tons of her scarves, blouses, and boots from her college days -- the kind that models are still strutting on the runway -- then it might be time to return to the nest for some good 'ol raiding! Whether you have your eye on a specific item in your mom's closet or want to just check out her overall digs for inspiration, be sure to do so with her there. Not that she doesn't trust you -- but how great is it to spend some time with your mother while chatting about fashion! Maybe the piece you have your eye on was what she wore on her date with your dad...or maybe it was the most special thing she ever bought with the paycheck from her first real job! Take it from me: digging in your mama's closet can be fun and such a great bonding experience. Plus, you never know what she'll gift you with simply because she is so happy that you actually respect her fashion choices! (Not close to your mom? Consider a favorite aunt or godmother!)

Shop Jewelry Online 

The most popular reasons why shopping online is so appealing is simply due to the convenience -- being able to shop in your pjs! The convenience of browsing online for exciting, new pieces of vintage jewelry -- or vintage-inspired jewelry -- is especially awesome while sipping on coffee and listening to your favorite tunes. Talk about relaxing! The main disadvantage of not purchasing jewelry in store is the fact that you can't touch it or hold it up against your skin to see if it complements it, goes with your hair color, etc. Fortunately, online shopping allows you to have as much time as you need to make your final decisions. You can send links to your friends so you can get a second opinion and even bookmark a page to save for later! When you really know your personal style, shopping online is generally a breeze and a rewarding experience. At Crown Jewelry, our selection is vast and unique because our pieces are come from all over the world. Vintage lovers rejoice in our many collections that feature pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, and gemstone rings

Watch Old Hollywood Flicks

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Sometimes, it just takes Old Hollywood flicks to help uncover your deep-rooted vintage vibe! Although long-gone are the days of going to the theatre to watch favorites, such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or "Casablanca," you can still curl up with your favorite special somebody and watch the beautiful starlets in action (Thank you, Netflix!). Even if you've watched a certain classic about 20 times, be sure to take notice of how the actresses walk, talk, and own their style. From Audrey Hepburn to Ingrid Bergman, the feminine starlets back then varied in dress, mannerisms, and personalities, which may be encouraging as you attempt to take on a new vintage look. This doesn't mean you need to copy a Hollywood starlet or try to take on a fake persona! Watching an Old Hollywood flick can be inspirational simply due to the confidence an actress portrayed -- an essential ingredient to pulling off a hot, new look. 

Check Out Yard Sales and Flea Markets

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If you're into vintage shops and thrift stores, then it's likely that you also dig flea markets and yard sales! Sometimes, the coolest, rarest items can be found just a few doors down from you or at a city hot spot, such as an old typewriter or a handmade vintage dress. The unique aspect of yard sales and flea markets, as compared to vintage shops and thrift stores, is the fact that you can try to bargain the price of an item directly with its owner. In addition, you can ask questions about the origin of that item and learn about its special value. Just as there are no rules to fashion, there aren't any rules to where and how you accrue your vintage wardrobe. It's important, however, to keep in mind the many options you have in purchasing certain pieces as well as getting inspiration from. So as you become more eager to show off your old soul with vintage classics, don't disregard the beauty of yard sales and flea markets! They make for great playgrounds amidst your self-discovery. 

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