Shopping Metallic Statements: 3 Practical Tips!

Whether you want to make a subtle statement with sterling silver or take on a major look with a dramatic metallic piece, there are a few things you may want to think about first! Because it’s important to fill up your shopping cart only with items that you absolutely love, be sure to take notice of our 3 practical tips:

(1) Choose Complementary Colors

turquoise drop earrings online

                                  Pear Shape Freeform Faceted Quartz Over Turquoise Drop Earrings


Most people look great in metallic pieces, simply due to the neutral shades of silver and gold. But what if a particular pair of earrings or necklace has colored details, such as a turquoise stone or rough-cut ruby red gems? Before you make your purchase, keep in mind how you feel wearing a certain color, how your skin glows (or doesn’t glow) with it, the compliments you may have received (“That is totally your color!”), and of course, whether or not this piece will enhance the overall vibe of your wardrobe.


(2) Make Sure It Fits Your Lifestyle


sterling silver cuff necklace

Rhodium Plated CZ Arrow Cuff Bracelet


Although the look of big ‘ol silver and gold bangles make for lovely wrist candy, the clanking of them against your desk could drive your cubicle buddy crazy! And when it comes to large hoop earrings, when was the last time you wore a pair around your 4-month old without them being yanked on? Not every fashion statement needs to conflict with your lifestyle, and not every fashion statement has to be grandiose. Sometimes, simple accessories can do the trick! A chic silver cuff bracelet can add just enough style to your work outfit without annoying your colleague while a pair of bee stud earrings can keep your fashionable – and baby-proof!


(3) Consider The Trends


black velvet choker necklace online

                           Double Strand Rhodium Plated Chain and Black Velvet CZ Choker Necklace 


If you miss 90s fashion and find yourself often getting nostalgic of the trends back then….no worries! Today, more than ever that decade is taking over street style, with the choker necklace being all the rage. Whether wearing solo or in a layered look, this type of accessory is coveted by a variety of style personalities, from the edgy to the romantic. Special symbols are also trendy items that usually remain classics, which are great ways to show off what you’re into. From turtles (“peace” and “longevity” meanings) to crosses, you can have fun showing off your beliefs with awesome jewelry!


What do you keep in mind when shopping statement jewelry? Feel free to leave a comment or tweet us your tips!


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