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                                          (Ad campaign featuring Kerry Cromer, shot in Dubai)


The story of Crown Jewelry wasn’t written overnight. The concept actually unfolded over several years as one man traveled over the world working as an international model. Before Founder and CEO Kerry Cromer put Crown Jewelry on the map, he spent many a plane rides journeying the world to pose for an elite range of print campaigns. During this time, he kept his pulse on fashion trends and eye out for potential business opportunities.

Although Crown Jewelry didn’t have arms or legs yet as Kerry worked in amazing places back then, such as Dubai, Japan, Australia, and India, the seeds were being planted as he grew a fondness and respect for various cultural styles. Quite a long way to go for the 12-year old kid who got his start in modeling at a local department store around the small South Georgia Mall! Going further than he ever imagined on international territory, Kerry gained immeasurable experience before he decided to move back to the states – New York City-bound – to pursue a career in jewelry sales.

(Kerry Cromer presents special gift to childhood friend Luke Bryan after winning his first CMA Award - "Entertainer of the Year.")

So with modeling work for such top-notch brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Gucci now under his belt, Kerry was ready to bring his vision of Crown Jewelry to life. This meant doing more than simply creating an e-commerce shop that put product on display. Nope – that wasn’t part of Kerry’s destiny. Rather, he saw a huge gap and opportunity with bridging jewelry and e-commerce into one hot spot for trendsetting, budget-conscious shoppers to enjoy.

Today, 10 years after the launch of, Kerry continues to source unique jewelry from all over the world making customer service his focal point and growing a like-minded team of professionals. With no finish line in sight, Kerry has multiple goals to achieve in order to truly see his dream through. This includes branding Crown Jewelry with its own line of jewelry for men and women, in addition to bringing uprising designers on to feature their pieces on the site. As the heartbeat of Crown Jewelry, the once-international model is proud to provide an online shopping destination that celebrates diversity, creativity, and beauty. 

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Crown Jewelry was conceived with no other vision than to deliver great jewelry for great people, and to do it differently. We want our company to evolve within the jewelry industry, not evolve into it.

Kerry Cromer