How To Wear Citrine

As one of the birthstones for the month of November, citrine is a lovely “healing quartz” to work into a variety of outfits. Thanks to the energetic vibe and vitality of this gemstone, its bright, yellow-ish tint can automatically brighten up one’s outfit as well as the entire day!  

But how do you wear citrine? There are tons of ways to work in this beautiful gemstone. Here are 5 completely different looks – for different occasions -- that are adorned with Crown Jewelry citrine pieces. Keep reading for inspiration!


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There's usually at least one fancy-schmancy party to attend during the holiday season, be it a work-related event or a gathering with your favorite social circle of friends. That said, you really can't go wrong with wearing a little black dress along with bold fashion jewelry to brighten up the whole look...such as our Moonstone, Citrine and Quartz Ring! The unique style of this multi-colored statement piece will shine as you hold your cocktail glass and chat the night away in your LBD! 


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Dinner and a movie? Hitting the bars downtown? A late-night jazz club? However you and your sweetie decide to spend date night, it's totally fine to add on the drama with multiple pieces of fashion jewelry! After all, this is the time to amplify your femininity and turn up the heat with your personal style. Along with the above color scheme, try combining all three of these for a totally hot statement: 14 Karat Gold Plated Tanzanite and Citrine Drop Earrings, 14 Karat Gold Plated Citrine Ring, and 6.5" + 1.5" Oval Citrine Bracelet.



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Just because you hang up your cardigan and throw your work heels to the back of the closet when the weekend hits doesn't mean you can't still adorn yourself with awesome fashion jewelry! These days, rocking high and low fashion -- combining casual/sporty and dressy items in one outfit -- is a hot trend. And for some, it's a lifestyle. So if you're all about living in distressed denim and Vans Old Skool on your off days, remember that you can still sport a cool pair of earrings. This includes our boho-esque Hammered Citrine Earrings


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"Casual Friday" is all about maintaining professionalism in a relaxed manner -- to an extent. In most cases (depending on where you work, of course), skinny jeans should be a solid, non-distressed shade, blouses shouldn't be cleavage-baring, and fashion jewelry should still be subtle accents versus the main show. Our Faceted Citrine Earrings (currently discounted jewelry!) are the perfect 'lil non-distractive danglies to accent a casually chic work outfit, while keeping your boss happy! 


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Ladies love to brunch! It's a generalization, of course, but I've yet to meet a chick who doesn't enjoy Sunday Brunch with her girlfriends -- especially when she has the perfect outfit in mind. You'll be dishing on what's new in your lives, catching up with gossip, and most likely talking about your latest online shopping sprees. So this is the perfect time to let your personal style glow with an outfit that is sure to communicate your awesome level of confidence. So go ahead and show 'em what you got with a Crown Jewelry 18" Multistrand Carnelian and Citrine Necklace -- a great conversation-starter!


Which citrine set is your favorite? Feel free to comment with your feedback! 

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