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Holiday Gift Shopping Dos and Don'ts

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The holidays are right around the corner! Yes, this means that it's planning time. Do you have a list of the people you're gifting? What about your shopping fund? Are you realistically budgeting your money? Even though the holiday season brings warmth and joy to most people, it can also bring high levels of stress. So if the process of gift giving usually gives you a headache, keep reading to check out my list of dos and don'ts! We hope these help to alleviate any of the chaos that may be involved with your in-store and/or online shopping experience! 


Do: Search for personalized gifts 

Don't: Solely rely on gift cards

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When it comes to gift giving, it really is all about effort. So instead of turning to gift cards as your safety net right away, think about how you can find that perfect item for your special someone. Consider a birthstone ring for a jewelry lover, such as a beautiful citrine band for the month of November, a new journal for a writer (one can never have too many!), a gift box of popcorn, candy, and DVDs for new parents, hand-painted mugs for coffee addicts, and an engraved pendant necklace with that person's initials on it (or the initials of her furry little friend!). Now, should you still choose to include gift cards to their favorite spot, then feel free to do so! But think of gift cards as add-ons versus the main gifts. Remember: putting in extra thought and time into a gift will always be appreciated.


Do: Accompany your gift with a creative card

Don't: Rely on a store-bought card for the perfect message 

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Of course you’re likely to find an awesome holiday card from the store or even land on the coolest e-card for that special someone. But making your own card has an even more unique touch! Did you know that there are online services that allow you to upload your own photos, create your own message, and then print it out? What a cool thing to do when gifting a special piece of jewelry, such as a pair of gemstone drop earrings or a diamond bar necklace! You can also put your arts and crafts skills to the test and play with paint, stamps, and glitter to make a creative card. Adopting your childhood DIY spirit can be super-fun, and depending on how intricate you get, the card could be considered the gift in itself! You can also be creative with making your own gift wrap and write your holiday wishes on the actual paper instead of a card. 


Do: Understand a store’s exchange and/or return policy

Don’t: Forget to ask for a gift receipt

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Whether you shop online or in a retail store, be sure to understand its exchange and/or return policy. Most of the time, the gifts we give fit correctly, make that person smile, and don’t need to be taken back. But, sometimes, you just never know! So if there is a gift receipt that you can include in the gift (or at least save in your wallet), remember to do so. On, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you need to return a gift for any reason, we’ll be happy to provide you with an exchange of full refund. Also, should you have questions that need answers, our CEO and Founder Kerry Cromer will be happy to get on a call with you!


Do: Think ahead and stock up on gifts one to two months ahead of time

Don’t: Assume that the item you have your eye on will still be available

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The concept of gift giving during the holiday season is so popular in our society that there really is competition in scoring the perfect gift for your special person. That said, many people have the same taste and want the same items! So this means that you may want start purchasing items now. Not only is this smart so that they arrive on time, be it for Chanukah or Christmas; you want to make sure that the very item you’ve been eyeing isn’t gone by the time the holiday rolls around. If finances are an issue – not being able to make the purchase ahead of time – have a few pieces you think are perfect for your special someone just in case you do have to wait until about a week before the holiday arrives. Hopefully, at least one of those items is still available by then. Whether it’s a statement ring or a gorgeous pendant necklace – start making your list now!


Do: Treat yourself to a little something in the process

Don't: Feel guilty about doing so  

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For those who celebrate the holiday season with gift giving, it's about being selfless with your time and money. From dining with family and volunteering at local shelters to shopping for your bestie as well as your colleagues, there is the common notion that you really shouldn't think about buying yourself a gift during this time. It's as if the mere thought about treating yourself to something is selfish. Well, it is a little bit...but that's OK! You work hard to earn the money to buy gifts for others, and I believe that if you see a special set of pearl earrings for yourself or notice that the kick-ass jeans you've been eyeing are finally on sale, then go for it! After all, you'll likely have parties and gatherings to attend during the holidays, so don't you want to keep up with your own great sense of style? Plus, you totally deserve it. 


What are some of your holiday gift shopping dos and don'ts? Please share with a comment! 

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