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What is my personal style?


That is a question that the majority of us are consistently trying to figure out. From the way we wear our hair to the shoes on our feet – how we look says volumes about who we are. And jewelry is the final touch – the cherry on top if you will!

So as the new Los Angeles–based style blogger for Crown Jewelry, my goal is provide helpful, simple tips and info that will empower you. ‘Cause the truth is, even the most put-together style maven can lose inspiration or feel stuck in a fashion rut. So from shopping for the perfect, statement ring to adopting celeb-inspired style (without completely breaking the bank), I have tons of topics coming your way! As for my personal style, I’d say I’m a combo of boho, edgy, and sporty. So I decided to show you how I would incorporate a few Crown Jewelry pieces into one of my everyday outfits. I’m all about comfort as I run around the city – from uber to uber – and I prefer no-fuss jewelry no matter what. But I still dig cool style! So the trendsetting items featured here are totally that; they can easily be worn together or look great individually…all totaling under $100:

As a former Nordstrom retail associate, the former blogger behind "Good Girl Gone Shopping", and a former fashion columnist ("Talking Chic") for Agenda Magazine, I’ve had years and years of experience really learning about – and attesting to – the significance of great style. Whether it was chit-chatting with a customer in a fitting room or interviewing a top designer after her runway show, the common themes are simple: we want to look good wearing things that feel good and let our personality come through in both comfort and statement fashion.

If you have a favorite Crown Jewelry piece that you wear often and want to share your personal style with us, be sure to tag us on Instagram ( We will repost your look! ‘Til next time...

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