Gorgeous Gems

Our selection of trendsetting pieces includes a vast array of gorgeous gemstone jewelry. From ultra-feminine rose quartz necklaces to delightfully tranquil turquoise earrings, our gems are such boho must-haves that we decided to make shopping for your favorite stone a little more wallet-friendly this week!

So in case you missed our latest social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, promoting our amazing 50% sale...no worries! This sale will last for a limited time only, so be sure to stock up on gorgeous gems while you can.

Here are some of our top faves:



Don't shy away from showing off your ultra-feminine side -- not when this amazing piece of jewelry is right at your fingertips. Our rose quartz necklace (hanging from a rose gold chain!) is chic and lovely...and will take a plain white v-neck to a new level! I know -- it's that must-have piece that you didn't realize you must have. (Regular price: $130 / Sale Price: $65)


Going for a sleek and sophisticated look for the evening? Say no more -- we got you. Our turqouise bead long wire earrings are unique pieces to fancy up your facial features. It's that go-to pair of earrings you can turn to when your LBD is in need of a delicate and down-to-earth accent! (Regular Price: $58/ Sale Price: $29) 

A beaded stretch bracelet, such as our beaded jasper bracelet, is a boho staple! Whether worn on its own or piled up your arm with other wrist candy, this particular piece of jewelry is simple, versatile, and artistic. If you don't feel the jewelry you're rocking is showing off your free spirit, make sure you have your basics covered. Start with this one! (Regular Price: $40/ Sale Price: $20)


Fancy up, boho beauty! This Chalcedony drop is for you! The time is always right to add dangly, chic drama to your outfit, and the light teal hue of this gorgeous gem gives off a calming effect. In turn, the 14 Karat gold-plated link makes it super-hot! (Regular Price: $88/ Sale Price: $44



Gemstone jewelry of neutral, earthy tones are such great pieces to wear! Seriously. You can have fun with layering, flaunting with them with bold colors, and even letting them shine alone as subtle statement pieces. Introducing our Labradorite necklace! It's that very item to cherish and enjoy. (Regular Price: $119 / Sale Price: $59) 

 What are some of your favorite gems? 

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