Go Vintage Classic With Simple Studs!

If you identify with the stylish statements of our vintage greats, such as Billie Holiday, Audrey Hepburn, and Lana Turner, then it’s likely that your jewelry collection contains classic statement pieces…such as simple stud earrings! But do you have that cute basic pair to wear with anything on nearly any occasion? If not, take a nod from these beautiful starlets for vintage classic inspiration:

Embellished Diamond Studs

Billie Holiday did more than belt out powerful blues-y melodies – she did so in classic style! From her signature floral side headpieces to her sparkly strapless gowns, this musician was a natural trendsetter of yesteryears as well as today. Amidst her many ensembles, Ms. “Lady Sings the Blues” proved that a pair of embellished diamond studs is a must-have! That said, we definitely feel that our rhodium plated Larimar earrings are Billie Holiday-approved.


Pretty, Pretty Pearls 

Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon, both onscreen and offscreen, with her jewelry playing a significant role in the overall vibe of her classic style. Most commonly, she was known for flaunting minimal accessories with her all-black outfits, striped blouses, and adorable hats….and pearl earrings were among her favorites! Looking for your own set to wear with your vintage cocktail dresses as well as your work attire? Our white cultured freshwater pearl studs are a great score.


Timeless Metallic Statements

Lana Turner, who was an adored Hollywood film actress and pin-up bombshell, took style by storm with her own sexy approach. From midriff ensembles to low-cut dresses, what this starlet wore kept all eyes on her face and figure. Although her jewelry seemed to come in second place to everything else she wore, Lana Turner’s accessories were still highly coveted. This includes metallic stud earrings -- something so simple and versatile. To carry on her unique sense of style, consider our small twisted love knot earrings for your vintage classic statement!

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