5 Must-Have Boho Accessories!

Going boho (short for "bohemian") is about selecting free-spirited fashion pieces that reveal your inner light! Deriving from hippie fashion of the 1960s -- when styles were more about protest versus popularity -- the boho looks of today range in statement. From subtle and chic to bold and complex, free-spirited fashion accessories can totally help to enhance your personal style! Below are 5 boho must-haves as seen on some of our fave celeb trendsetters: 

Beads, Beads, Beads!

Vanessa Hudgens - Hollywood boho babe
Beaded necklaces and beaded bracelets are a given when it comes to boho style. Just look at actress Vanessa Hudgens, one of Hollywood's adorable hippie chicks -- she's all about the beauty of beaded accessories! Whether worn individually or layered, beaded accessories come in several variations of color, size, and material. Both glass bead fashion necklaces and knotted amazonite bead necklaces will help to show off your artistic side and down-to-earth personality.

Touches of Turquoise 

Trendsetter Mary Kate Olsen - turquoise ring
Turquoise is such a tranquil and refreshing color...it's no wonder why so many cultures across the world have embraced it! So, naturally, a boho vibe is often characterized by touches of turquoise. Because this color is quite versatile, you can wear it a variety of ways! Try making a chic boho statement like this dolled up-look of Mary Kate Olsen -- featuring a simple, oversized statement ring -- or mix in metallics for an edgy boho style. 

Big Hoop Earrings

Alicia Keys - hoop earrings for boho style
A good 'ol big pair of hoop earrings are definitely a must-have for boho beauties! Whether you go for silver large hammered hoops, or 14 karat gold-plated hoops, this accessory has such a gypsy-esque, dramatic look that it automatically upps your cool factor. Just look at natural beauty Alicia Keys for inspiration! To enhance her boho style even more, she often wears a hair wrap while flaunting her earrings as well. Hair out or hair back -- how you wear this classic piece of jewelry is personality-driven! 

Gorgeous Gemstones

Nicole Richie - boho style with gemstone rings
Boho style is not only about wearing cute pieces that look good -- it's a little more meaningful than that for most free-spirited fashionistas! And gemstone jewelry pieces help to communicate one's unique vibe, be it with an aqua chalcedony split ring or a rough cut ruby ring. So what celeb rocks gemstones more effortlessly and carefree than the lovely Nicole Richie? We're waiting.

Fringes for Fun 

If you're into fringed shorts, vests, and tees, especially as part of your summer wardrobe, then fringed jewelry, such as tassel charm bangle bracelets and mala bead tassel necklaces, should be on your list of must-haves! This accessory detail is fun and helps to show your playful side, which is likely to be another characteristic of your free spirit. Hats off to how model Elle Macpherson pairs her colorful mala beaded tassel necklace with a flowy LBD for a beachy boho look!

What are some of your go-to boho statement pieces? Let's hear about it! Feel free to tweet us or leave a comment here. 

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