Essential Earrings

Another pair of earrings that are an essential are danglies! Even though many women consider this type of jewelry to be a once-in-awhile piece, due to them being more on the fancy side, danglies are staples that can be worn with several different outfits! But if you’re a bit more simple and prefer a classic look, then a diamond stud earring (such as our 14 karat gold plated sterling silver halo post earrings) may be more your thing. These, too, can glam up any wardrobe and be worn with nearly any look!

So instead of having to spend time in the morning picking out earrings to go with your outfit, consider these essential earrings as your go-to pieces. You can count on these to work with whatever you're wearing, which is great when you remember you need a pair as you're running out the door!

 Tell us: Are you more of a danglies or diamond stud kind of girl?

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