Celeb-Style Inspiration: Mixing Metallic Necklaces!

Are you obsessed with what’s hot on the runway, the red carpet, and the big city streets? If so, we bet that a lot of your accessorizing cues come from your fave celebs. Not that you can’t put together a fabulous outfit without studying your social media news feeds or watching E! News – we just know the heavy celebrity inspiration that directly affects the type of style you flaunt.

Fortunately, we live in a world where the concept of “fashion rules” is laughable! You can be as creative as ever while you are still figuring out what works with your personal style (and what should have been left in 2016!).

So when it comes to trendsetting jewelry and how to mix metallics – an ongoing trend that we’re manic about – remember that it’s all about a matter of taste. So check out how each of these celebrities chose to jump into the pool of metallic mixing. (These are just some of the ways to style your silver and gold necklaces!) The only ingredient necessary you’ll need when it comes to your own styling: CONFIDENCE.


Mix Silver and Gold Like Rihanna:


Celebrity trendsetter Rihanna mixes metallic necklaces

                                                              (Photo Credit: www.aquaskye.com)


No matter where this edgy pop star is headed, she’s making major statements in her own major way. Considering Rihanna’s daring style and rebellious spirit, mixing metallics seems to be a natural choice for Rihanna – and we love how she's combined a dramatic silver jeweled necklace with simple gold links for a fashionable balance. Wanna try this look out yourself? Try combining our Silver Tone Chain Link Bib Fashion Necklace and 14 Karat Gold Plated Coreana Chain Necklace!


Mix Metallics with Beads and Gems Like SJP:


Sarah Jessica Parker - Red Carpet jewelry

                                                    (Photo Credit: www.wannabemagazine.com)    


Mixing long silver and gold strands with beaded and gemstone necklaces like Sarah Jessica Parker creates an interesting story -- to say the least! Although SJP does not share the exact same sense of style with her famous fictional character “Carrie Bradshaw,” she is known to explore theatrical fashion in her own right. Remember, how you layer your necklaces is all a matter of taste. Love how show-stopping this A-list actress looks, but want a more subtle approach to mixing metallics with beads and gemstones? Check out our Triple Strand Silver Tone Geometric Fashion Necklace, 38" Endless Knotted Labradorite Necklace, and 16" + 2" 18 Karat Gold Plated Necklace With Amethyst and Quartz


Mix Metallics with Pearls Like Natasha:

Natasha Bedingfield - pop star and musician

                                                             (Photo Credit: www.stylebistro.com)

English singer and songwriter Natasha Bedingfield exudes a sense of softness as well as edginess in this photo! We love this combo of metallic and pearl strands in a single necklace. However, to get this look, you don't have to strictly stick with an identical 2-in-1 statement necklace. You can totally have fun with layering two different necklaces together for a similar vibe of hardcore femininity. These items are great starting points: 14 Karat Gold Plated Polished Disk Necklace and 13" + 2" 14/20 Gold Filled Cultured Freshwater Rice Pearl Necklace


Are you metallic manic? Share your favorite way to mix silver and gold by leaving a comment or tweeting us!  

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