Accessorizing: 3 Easy Tips!

Accessorizing your look should be a fun, effortless experience! But with so many different trends out there, sometimes it’s hard to figure out which ones will work with your personal style.

Even if you have jewelry box after jewelry box and your closet is full of belts, scarves, handbags, and hats, your mind may be lacking creativity and inspiration when it comes to putting it all together for fabulous looks. You can’t wear everything at once, so where do you start? Keep reading for 3 easy tips:


(1) Think Practical First

From the weather to your office environment, you have to be super-conscious of your entire outfit in order to feel confident….and appropriate.

Heavy, mixed metallic necklaces (as cute as that is!) may not work well in a conservative office where the majority of your coworkers typically stick to simple earring studs as their key pieces. Do you live in a generally cold environment? Then danglies may not be the best choice if you’re staying cozy with a thick scarf around your neck. Two words: major snags. So, instead, maybe letting cute bracelets peak out from your jacket is a better bet! 

Remember: The last thing you want to do is to end your day with regret and embarrassment. 


(2) Play Dress-Up at Home During Your Downtime

In between your yoga class and girls night out, you probably have a good 15 minutes or so to play dress-up with your wardrobe. It’s that time to figure out what works together and how many different ways your can wear some of your favorite accessories. (Think versatility!)

If you’re all about boho living, you may want to try wrapping your hair up in a beautiful scarf and throw on some big silver hoops! If you’re more of a classic kind of gal, then maybe a vintage feel with pearl stud earrings and a cat eye specs would look adorable on you. Playing dress-up isn’t just for little girls! It’s also for the fearless fashionistas who aren’t afraid to get creative. Plus, it’s a timesaver as it helps you to feel more prepared the next time you get ready to go out!


(3) Keep Your Statement Piece(s) In Clear View

Whether it’s a rose quartz pendant necklace or a beaded cuff bracelet, the statement piece you choose to wear should always be in clear view no matter how many other accessories you’re wearing! After all, if you’ve selected this item as your go-to statement piece for a particular outfit, it must be of value to you. So don’t shy away from wearing certain clothing to accent the dramatic beauty of that jewelry piece.

A low-cut blouse to show off your necklace? Sure – why not. Understated rings to make sure the bracelet remains center stage? Now, we’re talking. But if you’re all about more is more and want to throw a bunch of statement pieces on together, then consider monotone outfits in neutral shades to help all of it stand out!


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