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5 Ways to Sparkle at Holiday Parties

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Preparing your holiday outfits for parties and gatherings is serious business. After all, this season often unites relatives, friends, colleagues, and even past loves! So it's important to have all of your ducks in a row, so to speak, when it comes to showing off your personal style with just the right amount of sparkle. The holiday season isn't a time to shy away from fashion jewelry, especially when it comes to nightlife. Nope -- it's an awesome time to unleash your swag and let 'em know you still got it! 

1. Shiny Earrings

For some fashionistas, a great holiday party look is based around a beautiful red lip, sparkly dangly earrings, and a glam mini dress, while for others, it's all about a pair of 14 karat diamond stud earrings and a modest LBD. No matter the particular style of sparkly earrings you choose to wear, they'll help to brighten up your facial features while showing off your fun festive spirit!  

2. Dramatic Statement Rings

Whether you wear just one statement ring or stack it with others, fancying up your fingers for a holiday party is a MUST. From gemstone rings to rhodium plated rings, the selection at Crown Jewelry is jam-packed with a variety of trendsetting options. Such a stylish way to show off your sparkly personality this holiday season! 


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3. Bling-y Wrist Candy

Whether you’re totally chic (and all about adorning your holiday look with a sleek tennis bracelet) or pride yourself in being fearlessly fashionable (and never one to skip out on going dramatic with a edgy cuff bracelet) -- bling-y wrist candy is more than appropriate for a holiday's expected! Dancing the night away is also so much more fun when your favorite wrist candy is bouncing off the light!

4. Unique Necklaces

Earrings aren't the only type of jewelry to accent your facial features -- necklaces can definitely add a unique appeal to your upper half. Are you in love with drop pendants? Do you find sparkly chokers super hot for holiday parties? More of a metallic chain-layering kind of chick? Let your personality come through this holiday season with a unique necklace that fits your outfit, personality, and budget!

5. Sparkle Overload

Sometimes, showing your holiday spirit means going nuts with sparkly fashion and a good way! Remember, this is the time of the year to explore your personal style more than ever as you make new memories with those dearest to you. So if you're up for being the center of attention, why not turn heads with an ensemble that features a sparkly mix of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces?! Exactly -- shop online and just go for it.

What are your favorite ways to sparkle during the holiday season?

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