5 Tips to (Smart) Online Shopping!

fashion tips for online shopping


The beauty of shopping online is convenience -- we know this. For corporate workaholic moms, it's a luxury to save time from going in a store to shop. For stay-at-him moms, it's a brief, luxurious time to shop while baby sleeps. For college students, it's a fun way to stay up on trends amidst busy days of studying and socializing. But it's important to not be haste about spending your money online, whether you have $20 to spend or $200. So take notice of these tips the next time you're ready to bust out your wallet and update your personal style! 

(1) Know what's in your jewelry box: Don't waste money if you already have five of the same items (unless you're the kind of fashionista who actually wants five of the same items!). If you have the time and money to spend on must-have accessories, wouldn't you want to invest in something different in order to enhance your style? Treat yourself to something unique and enjoy a new look!

(2) Know your size: Just like knowing your shoe size or pant size before you shop online for clothes, knowing your ring size (Which finger do you want to wear it on?) as well as your wrist size (Do you want your cuff or beaded bracelet to be snug or fit loosely?) is super-important.

(3) Read the fine print: By doing so, you'll find out about sizing, materials, and aesthetics. It feels good knowing exactly what you're ordering, so be sure to take notice of product information. By shopping online with a clear mind and an attention to detail, you'll log off feeling proud of your purchase! 

(4) Take notice of special promos: Whether it's a holiday promotion or a percentage-off-your-first-order incentive (which we offer!), take notice of how you can make your dollar stretch. It's all about knowing your budget, while considering what deal makes the most sense. That said, be sure to read the details of the promo. Looking to gift someone with a beautiful necklace? That is especially a great time to take advantage of a promo (while taking notice of the fine print, of course!).

(5) Be comfortable about shipping cost and returns/exchanges: Yes, the beauty of shopping online is being able to do so while wearing pjs in the comfort of your own home. With this benefit, however, comes your responsibility to understand shipping cost as well as return/exchange policies. (Again, read the fine print.) Proudly, for the convenience of our customers, we offer complimentary shipping and returns with no minimum order amount required. 

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