5 Must-Have Pieces For Fall

The transition from summer fashion to fall fashion doesn't have to be too much of a challenge when you have great statement pieces. No matter how you define your personal style -- be it vintage classic or modern chic -- you can anticipate a stock-full selection of affordable trendsetting items on our site that you can easily work into your everyday outfits. So whether you're dying to try a new look or simply want to shop a few more of your favorite staples, keep in mind that fashion trends recycle over and over. This means enhancing your style with new pieces here and there is generally always worth it, 'cause you can bust out those items whenever you feel the time is right.

Still, with fall officially in season, I believe there are specific items you'll enjoy as the air starts to chill and you long for cozy afternoons. Here are my top 5 must-have pieces for fall:


(1) Cool Cuff Bracelets


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Never underestimate the power of a cool cuff bracelet. From a silver woven style to a bold turquoise snakeskin look, this must-have accessory exudes confidence and will bring out your inner tough girl! It's such a bold piece that you automatically seem a bit more bad-ass when wearing it. Try stacking it with bangles and beaded bracelets or rock it solo over your sweater sleeve. There are no right or wrong ways to wear a cuff bracelet -- just doing so makes a strong enough statement!


(2) Decorative Drop Necklaces


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There is something so classic about a drop necklace, especially when worn as your solo statement piece. Of course, you can layer other necklaces with a drop necklace, but it really doesn't need much assistance in standing out. Plus, there are various types of decorative drop necklaces to consider, from metallics and gemstones to tassles and beads! It's a versatile must-have that looks great with turtlenecks, collared shirts, and v-necks.  


(3) Fancy Ear Cuffs


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The last thing you want to do is snag your new sweater with a pair of earrings. Believe me -- it's not fun. So a fabulous set of ear cuffs (or even just one) is a nice alternative to a standard style of ear jewelry. From tiny cuffs to flashy ornate designs, this look gives off a sexy-edgy vibe no matter what you wear with 'em! Just be sure to have your hair our of your face so this must-have gets the clear view it deserves. 


(4) Gorge Gemstone Rings


(Photo Credit: songofstyle.com)

If you don't own a beautiful gemstone ring, now is the perfect season to finally do so! From rough-cut ruby to freeform faceted turquoise, a gemstone ring adds such color to your outfits and, naturally, your personality! So let this fall be the season to change up your style fearlessly, while enjoying a new look. Go ahead and stack it with other rings or wear on its own. Either way, you're bound to receive compliments galore! 


(5) Oversized Unisex Watches


(Photo Credit: askthemonsters.com) 

These days, we're so plugged in to our smartphones that the concept of wearing a watch seems nearly prehistoric. But remember, this is not only a practical item...it's totally fashionable! The oversized unisex watch is nothing new on the scene, but it can oftentimes be overlooked if you consider it a dull timepiece. So change your thought process on this must-have. Ever flaunt a men's watch with a bunch of bracelets? Don't sleep on this trend It offers such an awesome balance of femininity and masculinity.  

What do you consider a must-have this season? Tweet us or leave a comment! 

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