3 Ways to Wear (Tons of!) Turquoise

Turquoise stone jewelry remains in high demand among free-spirited fashionistas! No matter the rendition of the turquoise stone -- be it dyed, painted, or synthesized -- it is adored by many. Even turquoise beaded accessories have gained such universal love, simply due to the tranquil and refreshing quality of this color. More of a boho staple versus a seasonal trend, turquoise jewelry can be worn in a variety of ways...and in a variety of intensities! Sometimes, just a touch of turquoise is enough to take a dull outfit to another level, while other times, going dramatic with tons of turquoise is automatically so much cooler. So if you're ready to go super-bold in major boho style, keep reading! 

(1) Stack 'Em Up

Our fingers and arms are some of the most visible parts of our bodies, as well as the most expressive when communicating. So when it comes to stacking up your wrist and fingers with the fabulous combo of turquoise and metallic pieces, you should have fun going against the grain and ignoring all of the rules. Let yourself be noticed! For a crisp look, wear your stackables as your only boho statement jewelry with a white tank and distressed jeans. For major hippie vibes, try with a boho dress and a variety of other embellished accessories.

(2) Fancy Up Your Facial Features

Turquoise earrings can definitely help to fancy up your face...especially when they aren't worn alone! Wanna flaunt edgy studded earrings and tiny hoops as well? Go for it! And if those are in shades of turquoise....even better! Considering that this is a color that tends to stand out beautifully with nearly every skin tone, don't shy away from fancying up your facial features (and neck!) with it. A pair of turquoise dangly earrings alongside other unique earrings can help to add a new dimension to your overall aesthetics, and likely to make a beautiful, first impression. 

(3) Adorn Your Cleavage

Summertime is all about baring more skin and letting your feminine qualities take front seat. So if you're someone who likes to bare your shoulders and midriffs when the heat beats down, you might also be someone who chooses to let more cleavage peek out here and there. If this is totally you, then one of the ways to keep things tasteful and interesting is to let tons of turquoise adorn your cleavage. You can combine a variety of metallic links, turquoise gemstone pendants, turquoise beaded necklaces, and chokers if you choose! Using necklaces to maintain a chic sexiness during the summer is super-cute and easy to do! 


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