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3 Tips to Wearing Chokers

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Chokers are definitely still a thing this season! From a simple silver plated toggle choker to a super-feminine black velvet wrap choker -- this style can help redefine your look instantly! But if you're struggling with finding the perfect choker necklace, keep reading. These fashion tips are intended to help alleviate your stress and help you make a great choice!

1. Examine Your Wardrobe

Chokers should always be highly visible! That said, they stand out when worn with certain tops, such as a boat neck sweater, a V-neck blouse, or a good 'ol band tee that has lost elasticity at the neck and now droops (and even has holes!). What about your jewelry collection? Do you have any beaded, gemstone, faux leather and/or mixed metallic necklaces to layer with the choker if you wanna go all-out dramatic? If not, you may want to pick up a few of those as well so you’re never lacking when you want to try out that look. So whether this type of necklace is your stand-alone statement piece or you decide to sport it with multiple types of neckwear, it's a must-have staple for nearly any personality.

2. Think Comfort Over Trendy

Were you highly obsessed with early-90s celeb fashion, such as worn by 90210’s “Brenda Walsh” and Hollywood's beloved flower child, Drew Barrymore? If you're trying to find choker necklaces that are in alignment with the trends of way back when, keep in mind that even though certain pieces may have looked awesome on your favorite "It" girls -- certain jewelry items may not have had an awesome fit. So as you explore different styles and stay committed to making a seriously cool statement, consider the material of the choker, as well as its measurements and closure details. Pinched skin hurts and discomfort from fashion is never worth it! (Pssst....tied scarfs and bandanas also make for cool neckwear when worn solo or with actual necklaces.) 

3. Don’t Go Too Costly if You’re Clumsy

Ever take off your jewelry, drop it in your purse, and then uncover broken pieces in it the very next day? Join the Clumsy Club! (I’m the president.) There’s nothing wrong with investing a lot of money into chokers if you stash them properly, from your handbags to your jewelry box...especially if high price tags don't make you flinch. But if you want quality trends at an affordable cost (like most fashionistas these days!), especially ‘cause you barely trust how you handle your jewelry, our selection is totally up your alley. Of course, I still encourage you to treat Crown Jewelry pieces with respect! Just know that we understand the many dilemmas that could come along with revamping your look, and saving on cost when shopping online is never a bad thing.

Do you think chokers will continue to be on trend this fall? Leave a comment or tweet us!  


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